Slyfox Holding is the Canadian Agent for Sumoto Motors. The Sumoto factory in Italy, owned by the Ebara Coporation, produces 180,000 motors a year. It's history of reliability in manufaturing proceeds itself. Sumoto is constantly working to improve its product range, and has created new Energy Saving motors, like the new 3" high speed series.

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Sumoto 3" High Speed Motors

• Submersible
• 0.6kW, 0.9kW, 1.5kW Power Range
• 220V/140Hz Three Phase Power Supply
• Maximum 8400 RPM

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Sumoto 4WP Series

• Submersible
• Single phase 0.37kW - 3.7kW Power Range
• Three phase 0.37kW - 7.5kW Power Range
• 1500N: 0.37kW - 0.75kW Axial Thrust
• 3000N: 1.1kW - 2.2kW Axial Thrust
• 6500N: 3kW - 7.5kW Axial Thrust

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Sumoto OY6 Series

• Submersible
• 4kW - 37kW Three Phase Power Supply
• 10,000N: 4kW - 22kW Axial Thrust
• 20,000N: 30kW - 37kW Axial Thrust

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Sumoto Control Boxes

• Suitable for Single-Phase 50Hz/60Hz Motors
• Enclosure made of robust painted steel
• Available in PSC, CSCR, and CSIR versions

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